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Michelle Armstrong is a gifted and compassionate Evidential Medium and Intuitive who has the ability to connect with Loved Ones who have crossed to the Other Side and pass on empowering messages from the spirit world that provide assistance and guidance to people seeking closure, clarity, peace and hope.

People often seek out Mediums and Intuitives for healing, comfort and guidance in their lives. People seek out Michelle when they need a little extra help to move positively forward in their lives.

Reading Definitions

  • Intuitive Readings: Michelle will bring through messages from Spirit about your Life. Your health, career, relationships, finances and soul purpose.

  • Mediumship Readings: Michelle will bring through messages from your Loved Ones on the Other Side.

  • Pet Readings: Michelle will bring through messages from your precious Pets on the Other Side.

Please note readings types cannot be combined.

Online versus In-Person Readings

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For legal reasons, all readings and events are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace legal, medical, financial, or professional advice. Michelle does not prescribe, diagnose or give medical, legal or financial advice.


Online Readings

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In-Person Readings

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