How to Get the Most from Your Reading



The best way to prepare for your session is to come with an open heart and mind.  Mediumship is a profound and complex process that requires many factors to produce a successful reading.  One of those factors is You, the Client.  

The following guide will assist you in preparing for your reading.

  • Gather as much biographical information as possible about your departed loved in advance of your reading. In the first part of your reading Michelle will be gathering as much evidential information as she can form your loved ones to validate that she has your loved ones coming through. Some of this evidential information includes details like birthdates, medical history, time of passing, nicknames, etc. The more you know the better you will be at validating the information Michelle shares with you.

  • Write a list of questions you would like to ask your loved ones. While Michelle cannot guarantee she will get to answer all your questions, having your questions prepared in advance is extremely helpful to the overall experience.

  • Bring to your reading any objects that belonged to your loved one/s. These can include things like photographs, jewelry, books they liked to read, or articles of clothing. Michelle will sometimes use a method called Psychometry to make a stronger link to your loved one/s. Even if your reading is online, Michelle can still use the objects remotely.

  • Make a list of everything you remember about your loved ones. For instance, what food did they like? What music did they listen to? What did they do for work? What was the name of their best friend etc. Readings can be a roller coaster of emotions. It can be easy to forget details when our loved ones come through. Having a list of information you can refer to during your reading can be very helpful.

  • Ask your loved one/s to come through. Send them a message with your thoughts inviting them to speak with Michelle on the day of your reading. Remind them how much you love them and how excited you are to speak with them through Michelle.

  • Most important of all, release all your expectations. Mediumship readings are not a proven science. Anything can happen during a reading and it is so important to understand that the Medium does not control who choose to come through in a reading or decide what those on the Other Side want to say.

  • Watch this video by Michelle on how Mediumship works.


During an intuitive reading Michelle will tune into spirit and provide the guidance and insight she receives about different areas of your life.  This can include your love life, social life, career, finances, health, spiritual path etc.  

The following guide will assist you in preparing for your reading.

  • Come to your reading with an open heart and mind. This is VERY important. Your energy and openness to receive guidance plays a significant role in what information comes through. The more open you are, the easier the reading experience will be.

  • Make a list of any questions you would like answered during your reading. These questions are for your information only. Please don’t skip this step as your questions set the intention for Spirit to guide you. Do not send your questions to Michelle prior to your reading. At the the end of your reading if Michelle has not covered all your questions, she will address them at that time.

  • Release all expectations. This is super important as the messages form Spirit give us what we need to know not necessarily what we want to know. It is helpful therefore to be open and trusting of the process.

READING POLICY - The first ten minutes...'  

There are many factors that make up a successful reading and some of these factors are outside the realm of Michelle's control.  For this reason, if after the first 10 minutes the reading isn't working for either Michelle or the client, the session will end and the client will receive a full refund.  Clients are responsible for notifying Michelle at the 10-minute mark. However, if after 10 minutes both parties are satisfied with the progress of the reading, the client accepts all charges for the reading.


Click here to send your questions.  Michelle or her Assistant Allyn will happily answer any additional questions you may have.