What is a Spirit Guide?

When we come to this physical realm we don’t come alone.

Accompanying us along our journey are Spirit Guides and Spiritual Helpers who are here to support, help, protect and guide us.

Our Spirit Guides have insight about our soul and our soul purpose. They know everything there is to know about us, why we are here in this physical realm, and what we are here to experience and learn.

I am always in contact with my Spirit Guides. Every day I speak with them, lovingly inviting them to guide me on my path.

Alongside my daily prayers, I ask my Guides to show me where I can be of service, to highlight what I need to know and develop within myself, and how to achieve my purpose in this lifetime.


A Spirit Guide can be an Ancestor (someone in Spirit who is part of my family line) a loved one who has recently crossed to the Other Side, an Angel, Your Higher Soul, an Animal, an Ascended Master like Jesus, or the Creator/God.


Here is how you can begin connecting with your guides today.

Ask them to Make Themselves Known to You

Find somewhere quiet where you can go within and not be disturbed.

Begin focusing your mind through meditation and relaxation and then ask your guides to show you something in your mind that validates their presence. It could be a symbol, a thought, a feeling, an image. Whatever it is, trust what you receive and know this is from your guides.

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