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During your private Divine Guidance reading Michelle will connect with Spirit and ask for guidance that is helpful for you to know at this time in your life.  She will use all her abilities as an empath, psychic intuitive, soul coach and spiritual medium to empower you on your life path and soul journey.  Readings typically include information about your health, relationships, career, family and life purpose, as well as evidential messages from loved ones who are on the other side. 

All readings begin with a short prayer to invite in the Light and ensure that the messages Michelle receives are for your highest good and the greater good of all.  You will never be told anything by Michelle that does not serve you or someone else in a positive or empowering way.

No Two Readings are Alike   

Every person's experience is different.  If a friend or family member has seen Michelle and they got a ton of messages about their relationship and you don't, don't fret.  This happens because every person(soul) is unique and on a different path and journey.  It is important to not compare your experiences.  Instead embrace the uniqueness of what Spirit chooses to share with you.

When coming for a reading, it is important to know that the spiritual readiness of the sitter plays a significant role as to what information comes through.  Spirit knows you better than you know yourself.  What will be revealed during your reading is based on what you are ready to know and hear at this point in your life.  We each receive the guidance we need, not necessarily what we want or expect.  It is beneficial therefore to come to your reading with an open heart and mind. Expect the unexpected.  Let go of fixed ideas.  Allow Spirit to reveal what they have to share with you.

Readings are conducted in-person when possible, via Skype or over phone.  You have the option of a 30 minutes or 60 minutes reading.

Preparing for Your Reading...

Once you have booked and paid for your reading, Michelle's office will send you a confirmation email detailing how to best prepare for your reading to get the best possible experience and result.

What you Can Expect from Michelle

Michelle is open, honest and transparent.  She shares exactly what she receives from Spirit and doesn't sugar-coat, modify or omit any messages.  If Spirit gives Michelle a message, she will share it with you in the same way she receives it.  It is then up to you, the client, to validate the messages and make sense of their meaning in your life.    

Reading Rates

  • 30 minutes reading: $UDS111
  • 60 minutes reading: $USD222
  • 90 minutes reading: $USD333

Further Questions

If you have additional questions about the readings, don't hesitate to send an email.  Michelle's office will happily answer any questions you may have.