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Private mediumship readings provide the opportunity for the living to connect with their loved ones in heaven.      

During your reading which can be facilitated in-person or online via technology like SKYPE, ZOOM or the telephone, Michelle will share profound, healing and evidential messages from your loved ones in heaven.  


  • Compassion and honesty.
  • A brief overview about how Michelle works as a Medium and how she connects to the afterlife.
  • Evidential information from your loved ones.


It is normal to be uncertain, nervous or anxious before a reading.  Especially if you have never seen a Medium before or experienced a mediumship reading.  There is however nothing to be anxious or fearful about.  Mediumship is a very natural and healing uplifting experience when dealing with a professional, experienced and compassionate Medium.  To get the most from your reading experience, the following is highly recommended:

  • Surrender all expectations as best you can and come to your reading with an open heart and mind.  
  • Bring a notepad and a pen to make notes.
  • Gather as much biographical information as you can about your loved ones in heaven.  Birthdates, marriages, key life events, anniversaries etc.
  • List any questions you want to ask your loved ones during your reading.
  • Invite your loved ones in Spirit to give you messages via Michelle on the date of your reading.  Send them loving thoughts and encourage them to come through with specifics details that validate for you they are communicating with Michelle.


Kindly note that Michelle does not summon Spirits and cannot guarantee that the soul in heaven you wish to speak to will come through in your reading.  It is up to the Soul's free will and discretion as to whether they chose to come forward.  What gets shared is also up to your loved ones and not Michelle.  Our loved ones have their own agenda and Michelle will give them every opportunity to share what they wish to share.

Reading Rates

  • 30 minutes: $USD111
  • 60 minutes: $USD222


There are many factors that make up a successful reading and some of these factors are outside the realm of Michelle's control.  For this reason, if after the first 10 minutes the reading isn't working for either Michelle or the client, the session will end and the client will receive a full refund.  However, if after 10 minutes both parties are satisfied with the progress of the reading, the client accepts all charges.