11 Signs You Could be a Medium

Are you a Medium?

So you feel like a normal person yet you get these sensations, feelings, images flash in your mind, and you wonder… am I imagining all this or is what I am experiencing real?

Here are 11 signs you could be a spiritual/psychic/evidential medium.

  1. You have physically seen one or more members of your family who have left this physical world and gone to heaven. In my case I saw my grandmother several years after she had passed standing at the foot of my bed when I was 21.

  2. You feel emotionally overwhelmed coupled with an out-of-body experience when you get around crowds of people.

  3. You had an imaginary friend or group of imaginary friends as a child. They would talk with you and play with you and they felt as real to you as your physical friends.

  4. You know things. You don’t know HOW you know, you just know. You get a sense about a person. That they are not telling you the truth or that two days ago their car broke down because of a flat tire. You can’t explain how you know this stuff you just do.

  5. You feel like someone is watching you. Wherever you go you feel like a presence is always with you, aware of what you are doing. This is likely someone from the other side trying to get your attention. It can also be your guides. Don’t worry though. They don’t accompany you to the bathroom or the shower. But they stay close to you because they know you are someone who can feel their presence and potentially pass along a message to their loved ones still here in the physical world.

  6. You are fascinated and obsessed with the paranormal, the afterlife and anything to do with psychics, mediums or Angels.

  7. You are deeply spiritual and feel you have a calling from God/Source/The Infinite to be a Medium in this lifetime.

  8. Your senses heighten like crazy when the lights go out. As a kid (maybe even now) you are terrified of the dark. This is because our senses do heighten when the light is removed and our eyes are closed. I know it can feel scary but there really is nothing to fear regardless of how it may feel.

  9. You can talk to animals and believe that animals deserve the same amount of love, kindness and respect as human beings. When I mean ‘talk to animals.’ I don’t mean literally. I mean telepathically. You know what animals are feeling. You can sense their pain and joy. You know what they need. It feels like instinct to you.

  10. When someone passes away you feel a strong connection to them. Even if they were not a family member or friend. You may not have even met them in the physical. Yet still you feel a deep connection.

  11. People always feel comforted by your advice and wisdom. No matter what a person may be facing or dealing with, you always know exactly what to say to comfort and uplift them. Sometimes you even amaze yourself with your awesome and inspiring advice!


If you feel that you might be a Medium I recommend a couple of things.

  1. Begin by signing up now to join SOUL SCHOOL so you can get immediate access to exclusive teachings, articles, videos, and other helpful resources that are going to support you on your quest to discover your own God-given gifts and abilities.

  2. Join an open Mediumship Development Circle. You can join one in your area (google ‘open mediumship circles’) or you can join a circle online like my weekly Armstrong Development Circle. Click here for more info.

  3. Start immersing yourself in everything and anything to do with Mediumship. Read books, have a reading, and watch Mediums on YouTube. You will soon know as you begin your research if you are a Medium.

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What is a Medium?

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who can detect the subtle energy of those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

People with mediumistic abilities are also Psychic. But not all Psychics are Mediums.