Life as a Medium

Photo by pepmiba/iStock / Getty Images

When people find out I am a Medium, they usually do one of two things…

They either say nothing and then swiftly but politely redirect the conversation to something that is NOT about Mediumship - as though nothing was ever said. Or, they say wow! What is it like being a Medium?

While I cannot speak for all Mediums out there, I can share a little bit about what it is like for me.

Here is how I generally explain to people what my life is like as a Medium…

Life is definitely different now that I know I am a Medium and practice Mediumship.

It is easier in the sense that I now understand the meaning behind all the ‘crazy’ things that were happening to me.

Before I knew I was a Medium, navigating through life was often tricky because I was always feeling and sensing and knowing things. Often without understanding why.


Meeting people for the first time is always an adventure.

I never really know how someone is going to respond. Will they be accepting? Will they turn and bolt? Will they start asking me if I see their Papa in heaven?

While I use to break out into a cold sweat right before telling people I was a Medium, nowadays I just say , “I’m a Medium’ and I accept whatever response they give.

How people respond reveals something about them. It’s not me and I understand this now.


Dating is… well interesting…. Not every guy wants to date a Medium! lol!

Unfortunately because Mediumship is not well understood, what people think they know about Mediums can often lead to some pretty big assumptions or judgments.

But, if you are like me and you are on the dating scene, it doesn’t really matter what your job is. The right guy/gal or partner is out there for you and will love and accept you no matter what you do.

Plus, I DO pick up on stuff! So I can tell right away if a fella is spinning me a yarn (telling lies) or covering up something he may not want me to know.

Being a Medium also means we are top notch lie detectors. We can sense when something is incongruent. Which isn’t always fun if you have a lovely guy in front of you but you know nothing is going to happen because you can sense he’s not being upfront and honest.

Suffice to say that knowing too much can sometimes take away some of the mystery in getting to know someone new.


Some days I don’t want to be a Medium. Some days I just want to fit in. Feel less and not stand out.

While I am enormously grateful for this gift and at my core would never not want to do this work, I have to be honest. There are some days I wish I didn’t feel so different and I didn’t always feel everything as deeply as I do. Sometimes I dream about what it might be like to walk through life without having to FEEL everything so intensely.

But seriously, these pity parties don’t last long. It is an honor for me to serve spirit and to be of service so really I just need to get over myself for these days and move on. Which I do.


Having a support team and community of people who love and accept you as you are is very important in Mediumship. Because let’s face it, our lives a little different than other peoples.

Thankfully I have a wonderfully supportive family who love me unconditionally even when they don’t always understand my work (or my mood) and why I make the decisions I do.

I also have some wonderful friends who are always encouraging me to follow my heart and continue my work.

Thank God for awesome people! :)


Life can be extraordinary!!

While Mediumship does bring about it’s challenges, in general I feel blessed to do what I do.

I feel as though I am one of the lucky ones.

I get to witness incredible happenings and miracles that if I were not a Medium I would not have the opportunity to experience.

I get to FEEL the deep love between two people. Can you imagine that?!

I get a glimpse of what Heaven is like and can I tell you, it’s wonderful! Beyond what words can describe

I also get to be a part of other people’s journeys and the healing of theirs souls as they navigate this life. Really there is nothing more rewarding and beautiful than this.


So while life as a Medium can be tricky, in general it’s pretty amazing.

I am grateful to have this ability, and I am grateful to be able to serve.

Michelle XO