Intuition is like a muscle.  We all have it and the more we use it, the stronger and more developed it becomes.

Using our intuition on a regular basis has many benefits.  Here are 4 practical ways you can use your intuition to enhance your every day life.

  1. Know the Best Path to Take

When life presents us with options, sometimes we can find it difficult to know which pathway to take.  After weighing up all the pros and cons, we may still feel confused.  What should I do?  What will produce the best outcome for me? What I like to do when several opportunities are presented to me is to go into a relaxed meditation for the answer.  I begin by asking my guides and God to reveal the answer to me in the form of a feeling, a message or a picture that makes sense to me.  I then give thanks and close my eyes.  I clear my mind and open up my energy centers (chakras) to receive intuitive guidance.  Sometimes I get the answer immediately.  Other times I simply feel a peace around my question and then a few days later the answer simply pops into my head or I have a dream whereby the answer is revealed to me.  Over the years I’ve come to trust my intuition completely.  I never decide anything now without first consulting my higher wisdom and heavenly guides.

2.  Relationships

Tapping into our innate intuitive abilities can greatly assist you when selecting new friends, business colleagues or intimate partners.  Because we are emotional creatures, too often our immediate emotional response to someone can mislead us and cause to go down a path that doesn’t serve us.  Perhaps we are instantly drawn to someone’s physical appearance or the way they make us feel when in their presence.  But we miss the many subtle cues that heaven is trying to send us.  I know personally that one of my big traps is to give everyone the benefit of the doubt immediately.  I assume everyone’s intentions are honorable and well-meaning when that’s not always the case.  I have since learned that my immediate emotional reaction isn’t always my best teacher.  So now I take a step back and go into my higher wisdom and gut by asking heaven and my guides, ‘is this person really right for me?  If they are let them stay, but if they are not have them leave or guide me with insight to end this relationship gently and in kind and respectful way to all.

3. Safety and Protection

Many years ago I was out walking very early in the morning.  I was living in Los Angeles at the time.  The sun was just about to come up so it was still dark outside.  I was in a zone and enjoying the moment.  Not paying too much attention to greater surroundings.  When all of sudden I felt a great energy come over me and I immediately became aware of a van coming up behind me on the street.  Instinctively I darted into the nearest driveway, acting as though that property was my residence.  I felt the van slow down as it drove by me and then speed off up the street.  Intuitively I knew I had escaped some form of danger.  I knew the heavens had protected me that day and I was pleased I listened immediately to my gut.  This has happened many times during my life and I’m always very grateful for the protection.

4. Knowing When it’s Time

The one thing that is constant in life is change.  Nothing ever stays the same.  This is purposeful and divinely inspired as we need new experiences in our lives to evolve and grow.  But when is it time to leave a job, relationship or even a country?  How can we know when it is time for us to move on to something new?  Again this is where your intuition can powerfully guide you.  Everyone receives their guidance differently so it’s important to learn how guidance comes to you.  For me, I start to get a very strong feeling in my energy centers and often an audible message telling my time in a relationship, a home, or a career has come to an end and that I must start preparing to move onwards and upwards to new experiences.  When this happens I know I need to start preparing myself for change and also to allow myself to grieve what I will soon be leaving behind.  I have learned through time and experience to never fear letting go and that what comes next is always divinely inspired and purposeful for the growth of my soul and spiritual evolution.

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